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Hi girls,

I’ll be putting things here that you’ll all want to know. When one of you has a question, I’ll often answer it here, too, and just message you back that I’ve done so.

April 27, 2018


I’ve had social media accounts created for each of you who have become Baja Sol swimwear models. For the time being, we’ll look upon these casually. This way we can build a model’s popularity, and in return models can share our products and news on occasion. You can use the accounts yourselves if you want, and post your own photos and things to them (including modeling work for other companies, etc.), or you can not use them (in which case someone on our side will post the occasional promo of you) or you can have us delete them at this point, because we haven’t invested in them yet. However, I think each of you expressed interest in doing something like this, so I expect this will be a fun addition. We have a lot of already-edited photos that can be used as model promo material for these accounts, which if you’re going to be using them, we’ll give you access to. Just send us an email saying whether you want to use the accounts yourselves.

The way we’re looking at them is that you guys will be Baja Sol models, and can talk about yourselves as such if you want to. It’s a nice basis for building a modeling portfolio, and is fun overall. We will promote the Baja Sol models as well as Baja Sol itself as part of our overall strategy.

In this regard we will be acting something like a modeling agency, and if our promotion is successful and models become popular and we are contacted about work or sponsorships for someone, we’ll look at moving into that sphere of business, but for now its best to just think of it casually and as something fun and exciting. Please keep in mind that these accounts are Baja Sol property ultimately, although the most likely scenario for them is that you guys can just use them at your own discretion, complimented by the promo material for the company, and us occasionally sending out messages when we have news, an important product, or something we’d like shared.

You can also, of course, post your Baja photos to your own personal accounts as you normally would. The biggest advantage of having both types of accounts is that one is meant for a public audience and building a fanbase while developing your modeling or public personality, while your personal one might be sometimes public, sometimes private, but is usually not publicity-oriented.


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