Jay Ehm

Location: Medellin, Colombia

Things I’m currently looking for:


  • Personal Assistant (must be punctual and responsible. Tasks include assisting with Spanish learning, computer tasks, accounting, running errands, making phone calls)
  • Coding teacher (to learn Elixir, Phoenix, and Liveview. No other coding languages interest me)
  • Seamstress (who can sew regular-style garments to a retail-quality level. Below this level, I cannot use you)
  • Shoemaker (who can make shoes to retail-level quality)
  • Flying instructor (to learn flying. I have taken one lesson before)
  • Journalist or blogger from Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and a few non-Spanish language countries (prepare a few pieces of journalistic blog writing for me to review as an application)
  • Electrician who knows how to build circuitboards (basic music instrument circuit board)
    Screenprinting Expert experienced in plastisol on various fabrics and papers
  • Cartoonist or funny illustrator familiar with producing images digitally



  • LG Nexus 5 phone in good quality (no other phone make or model. Only Nexus 5)
  • Biography books in Spanish on Pizarro and other historical figures, particularly figures in Spanish/Latin American history
    Woodworking tools for electric guitar bodies



  • Workshop (garage) in Bombona or El Centro


Connect on Whatsapp: tres deicinueve, cuatro ochenta y ocho, cincuenta y uno, noventa y uno. Al contactarme, presentese con su nombre y de donde conocemos