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In photos you sent, you suggested Google photo to find what they are. I tried it but they wanted an url. I could copy the photos but could not figure out how to get that copy to google…without the url or some identifying number…to find out what the photo was?

Good question. To do a search based on a photo, it’s called an “image search.” Go to Google Image Search , then either click the little camera icon beside the search box and select your photo, or just open your folder (on your computer), and click the photo, drag it atop the Google Search box, and release. It should do a search both ways.

Oh, another way is if the image is already online (I think the images in an email work, too), you can right-click atop the image. If you see “Search Google for this image” you can pick that and it’ll do the same search. This works on any website (Google browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc, anyway. Not sure about IE).





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