New Writers


Hello applicant,

When we hire someone new, we don’t deal with them on a personal basis (except to pay them) until they have shown us that they are serious about writing (they do this by publishing a few articles with us). The more a writer works as part of our team, the more we do for them.

Step 1:

Write a blog post for us. We will assign a specific subject to each new writer, so it is important you tell us what you like to / are able to write about, rather than just saying “I can write about quite a few things.” Either tell us the subjects you like to / can write about, or, if you are a copywriter who can write something no matter what assignment we give you, tell us that — but if you tell us that, be prepared to complete whatever we send you.

Step 2:

As long as the blog is something we can publish, we will pay you for it (by PayPal, so make sure you include your PayPal email address with your article — if you don’t have a PayPal yet, it’s fine: we will hold your payments until you do).

Step 3:

We will assign more articles, as long as you continue to complete them.

This is as far as you need to worry about in the getting-to-know-each-other stage. That and a few short rules: do not copy (it will be detected by our software); articles should be around 300-500 words at this stage (later, we will pay you for shorter articles as well). No profanity or offensive material – our sites are family-friendly.

After we are satisfied that you are a serious writer, we will communicate with you directly and find a place for you — preferably working on something you can be interested in and which you can build into something bigger — you are a writer, after all, and, we expect, enjoy engaging many people with your writing.

Don’t be put off by the informal introduction to our team! We didn’t start out by doing this. We used to talk at length with each applicant. However, the number of flaky applicants was overwhelming. As soon as we see you’re serious, you’ll feel part of a team and we’ll involve you.