Writers We’re Now Noticing

So we’ve noticed you.

You seem to be serious about writing, so we want to give you a bit more information about how you can work for us.

As you know, because you’re a writer, you could just go start your own blog. Why should you work for us instead?

Besides the fact we are paying you for your writing, immediately, and there is no risk for you of not making money, the main reason is that we are publishers, and writers and publishers have always worked together for the simple reason that they benefit each other.

We find ourselves in the position where we can make things bigger if we have material, and our ability to generate material is constantly at its end. That is, we can’t write enough ourselves. This is probably the best reason. If you work with us, seriously and on a long-term basis, we will be able to make something bigger for you, which will pay you, be rewarding, and let you engage with others. We will do this in a way that lets you be seen as responsible for what you help create (we’re not going to try to take credit, and don’t even want to: we want to build a complex writing outlet with many channels, where people can be responsible and get credit for their channels). Also, our company is growing into various areas (including sales), and as we grow, there will be opportunities to do different things with us, if people on our team are interested.

At this point, you have two options:

1. If everything is going good right now with your assignments, you can just continue with that

2. We can also have a chat to discuss how we can best make something of your interests and abilities

Both are good options, and there is no “deadline” for engaging in a conversation about what we can make with your interests and abilities. It isn’t even necessary in some cases. If everything is working, it’s working. We can also do it later — in a few weeks, a month, 6 months — just as well.


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